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Sample Images

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Station Hotel,
Porter & Sorter

Little Girl with
Fire Brigade

Addiscombe New
College Classroom

Bob Corner On
Rocking Horse

Addiscombe Garage &
Cycle Works

Addiscombe Road
Jewellery Shop

Baldwin Landscapes

Leslie Arms
Public House

GH Arnold Jewellers
Lower Addiscombe
Road - 1908

Lower Addiscombe
The Broadway - 1940

The Exchange Lower Addiscombe - 1920

Addiscombe Station - 1899

Addiscombe Station - 1919

Bingham Bridge,
Pre 1907

Bingham Halt

Woodside Station

Lower Addiscombe
Road and Warren Road

Croydon Corporation
Tramways Band

Lower Addiscombe Road,
Passing Loops - 1913

No. 65 Tram on

Clyde Road and
Post Box

Zeppelin Raid 33
Lesley Park Road

Aerial Map

Anderson Shelter

Bomb A18B 1944,
Capri Road

Children Evacuated
with Food Parcels

Clyde Hall

Geoff and June

Painting Curb,
R. Hurn & Friend,
Edward Road - 1939

Rymer Road,
Street Party

Woodside Party