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Addiscombe Resident Groups

Working for the Community

Addiscombe is a parish to the east of Croydon.
Croydon is one of the largest London Boroughs, with a population of over
300,000 and is the 6th largest business center in England.
This web site is run on behalf of the local residents.

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Local   Event   Diary

Due to Coronavirus all Events are subject to Covid rules and may be altered or cancelled with little warning.
25th December 2021
 Christmas Day
27th December 2021
 Bank Holiday
28th December 2021
 Bank Holiday
3rd January 2022
 New Years Day Bank Holiday
27th March 2022
 Mothers Day
15th April 2022
 Good Friday Bank Holiday
18th April 2022
 Easter Bank Holiday
2th May 2022
 May Day Bank Holiday
2nd June 2022
 Spring Bank Holiday
3rd June 2022
 Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday
19th June 2022
 Fathers Day
29th August 2022
 Spring Bank Holiday
25th December 2022
 Christmas Day
26th December 2022
 Boxing Day Bank Holiday
27th December 2022
 Bank Holiday

Regular   Events

Activities at Clyde Hall,
Clyde Road, Addiscombe, Croydon, CR0 6SZ

Also available for hire see the Official Website.

Live Music in Addiscombe

See our music page for details of live music venues.

Addiscombe Railway Park

See the events page for the website for park activities,
heritage and event details.
Volunteer work days are usually held
on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Addiscombe Festival

Events are held in Ashburton Park, Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey.
For more details search web for Croydon Lions Events and local newspapers.

See Photographs of past events here.


Visit our Feeding Garden Birds page for useful information on what type of food to put out for the birds and which birds it is likely to attract.

Local   Groups

Covering the area of Canning Road and Clyde Road. They also host this web site.
The Canning and Clyde
Residents Association

Covering the area of Havelock Road, Outram Road, Ashburton Road, Mulberry Lane and Elgin Road.
Residents Association

Covering the area of Capri Road, Highbarrow Road, Addiscombe Avenue, Sundridge Road & Everton Road. Along with Grant Road, Inglis Road, Dalmally Road (SW end), Nicholson Road, Storrington Road and Windermere Road.
Residents Association

We cover 33 roads in the Addiscombe area bounded by Lower Addiscombe, Northampton, Addiscombe Road, Shirley Roads, Shirley Park Road and Glenthorne Avenue. Members who really care about their neighbourhood.
Addiscombe & Shirley Park
Residents Association

Covering the area of Tunstall Road and Addiscombe Court Road.
Tunstall and Addiscombe Court
Residents Association

The centre is a neighbourhood based youth club for 11 to 19 year olds.
The Sir Philip Game Centre

The Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park - Volunteers caring for the park.
Addiscombe Railway Park

Clyde Hall
Clyde Hall

Addiscombe Safer
Neighbourhood Team

Last modified: 4th January 2017