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Old Clutterbutt's Secret Car Store

Newspaper readers of previous stories have been able to provide further details to this motoring mystery.

John Keep writes in to say that he had a run in with Mr Butterfield (or Old Clutterbutt as he knew him). John lived in Forrester Road and with his brother and sister climbed through a hole in the fence into Mr Butterfield's yard. They were playing in the old cars when Mr Butterfield grabbed John by the neck and scratched it, making it bleed. He took John back to his house and wrote down his name and address.

When Mr and Mrs Butterfield walked John home and threatened to sued his parents. An argument broke because of the threat and the injury to Johns neck. No further action was taken.

Gladys Kittle also lived on the opposite side of the road to Mr Butterfield. She says that the cars were a source of intrigue for all of them.

He was an old man, who wore strange clothes and was obviously not from the local area. There were at least 40 cars tucked away behind his property, some on the open, others under cover. It was a derelict house and the curtains were never drawn. Every time the children would try to go scrumping round his car yard he would chase them off with his gun.

He also had an obsession with papers. The few glimpses that any one had of his property revealed papers everywhere.

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