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The Past Takes Flight

Croydon's fascinating aviation history is featured on a new CD-Rom launched by the Archive Britain Campaign this month.

Aircraft of the 1920's is a collection of photographs and documents taken from the Royal Aeronautical Societies extensive archive, enabling enthusiasts to view the pictures directly from your PC.

The 1920's witnessed major advances in the design of aircraft, seaplanes and flying boats in the quest to win contests such as the Schneider Trophy and the Kings Cup.

This CD-Rom visually traces the development of those pioneering aircraft and includes designs by leading manufacturers of the time such as Supermarine, Avro, Hawker, de Havilland and Gloster.

Historians and enthusiasts alike will  have information about Croydon's important role in aviation history at their fingertips.

Aircraft of the 1920's is the latest educational CD-Rom to be released by the Archive Britain Campaign.

All of the images have been digitally reproduced from documents, glass negatives and glass-lantern slides from the Royal Aeronautical Society archives.

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