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A Century of Success for the Church On The Hill

The first Church to be built in Norbury, was St. Philips's in Beech Road, in may 1902. It was originally known as the little church on the hill, and began life as the chapel of ease for Christ Church at Broad Green.

The site was donated by Alderman G. J. Allen who was a Norbury resident, and a mayor of Croydon from 1898-99. He proudly cut the first turf for the foundations in a special ceremony on 4th May 1901. The foundation stone was laid by Lady Edridge in July 1901. Her husband Sir Frederick Edridge had been Mayor of Croydon on five separate occasions. Building work was completed in May 1902.

The church was consecrated by the Bishop of Natal. It cost 4,000 and could hold 400 worshipers. An early photograph is shown here.

In 1935 the church almost doubled in size to accommodate its increasing population, allowing for 700 worshipers.

Past vicars have included the reverend Arthur Fisher who, with his wife were responsible for starting the first missions to the pygmies in tropical Africa. In the 1930's reverend Kenneth Budd acheived fame by being the first parson in Britain to be the secretary of a boxing club affiliated to the Amateur Boxing Association when he helped establish a boys boxing club at the church.

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