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A bunny story about a great club

Image: Theresa and her twin brother Peter in the 1930's.

For Croydon children the Bunny Club provided the opportunity to beat the blues during the 1930s. Theresa Moore shares her memories.

For a few years before the outbreak of World War Two a band of child performers thrilled audiences in Croydon with their well-drilled review shows. They were the Bunny Club, which was formed in 1936 and disbanded just three years later when hostilities between Britain and Germany began.

The child-stars of the Bunny Club included tap and ballet dancers, singers, acrobats and even a budding contortionist. Twice a year they presented a public show and played in front of appreciative, paying audiences.

All money raised from the shows was donated to charity and the Bunny Club was also featured on the BBC's Children's Hour show.

Former Bunny Club member Theresa Moore, who performed a song and dance act with her twin brother Peter, looks back on those days with fond memories.

"It was lovely. We used to have our rehearsals in the staff restaurant at Kennards, which is now Debenhams in North End," she said. "It would be wonderful to find some of the old members and get in touch."

Now 81 and living in New Addington, Mrs Moore recalls how war curtailed the thespian ambitions of the "Bunnies". "I was 14 and can remember war breaking out.

The Government decided it wasn't a good idea for groups of children to be together in one place in case the building was bombed. After that the club just sort of ended.

"But I still remember lots of the things that we used to do and the song. The first line was 'We are all Bunnies, why aren't you? Come and join us and don't feel blue'."

The threat of falling bombs and the Government's evacuation programme spelled the end for the Bunny Club. But the memories live on for most of its surviving members and a reunion could be on the cards. Theresa, who was known as Tessie Webb before her marriage, would love to hear from other members. If you were in the Bunny Club or know someone who was, call Theresa on 01689 843300.

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